Women’s Breathable Non-slip Air Cushion Sneakers – Purple / 9

WALKS ON AIR WITH THESE VERSATILE COMFY WALKING SNEAKERS COMFY WALK women shoes come in with fashionable BREATHABLE and DURABLE mesh upper which allows the foot to breathe. These LIGHTWEIGHT and FLEXIBLE running shoes feature a classy look while slip-on style allows for easy on and off. We aim to provide comfortable shoes and good service to every user. We always stand behind our customers, try our best to be your best choice. PROVIDE GOOD ARCH SUPPORT Distribute Pressure Evenly Correct Poor Posture Super Comfortable For All Day Walking Classic

How should the right shoe choice be? What should be considered for foot health?

The Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Specialist, who said that high-heeled shoes shifted the load on the foot from the heel to the leading, leaving the leading of the foot under excessive stress. Dr. Semih Akı warned that the heel height of 5 cm should not be exceeded whenever choosing shoes. Stating that certain of the most important points in choosing shoes is heel height. Dr. Flux gave these information: “Heel height ought to be more than 3-4 cm. It can also be very important that the shoes are wide enough. Higher heel ensures that the weight is carried by more feet The largest causes of foot deformities are the utilization of high heels. ”


Ballet shoes, one of the very preferred shoe types of recent times, negatively affect foot health. Ballet shoes are harmful in the load distribution of the shoes, like high heels. Low-heeled shoes called Babet, unlike high-heeled shoes, shift the load on the heel and make it be loaded here. Since these kinds of shoes do not grasp the foot very well, it could cause foot pain by causing an overload on the ligaments on the leading of the foot.


High heel causes strain on the feet

He explained that high-heeled shoes shifted the load on the foot from the heel to the leading, which caused the leading area of the foot to be under extreme stress. Dr. “This type of shoes also causes the change of body center of gravity in the knee hip and waist region, causing excessive strain in the ligaments in these areas, overloading of the joints and overwork in the muscles, causing knee hip and especially back pain.”


Choose models that grip the wrist in everyday use

Emphasizing that the material used in the shoe and the type of the shoe will also be very important to foot health. Dr. “The shoes that grip the ankle tightly ought to be preferred in daily use. Continuous usage of such shoes may also cause weakness in the ankle muscles. The shoes should not be deformed easily when attempting to bend such as a laundry between both of your hands in the leading and back sections.

The heel back ought to be manufactured from hard material that is high enough to guide the foot from behind. As material, synthetic materials ought to be avoided and natural leather shoes ought to be preferred. Natural leather materials always provide air circulation. ”

What should he pay attention to whenever choosing shoes?

  • Select the shoe size according to the longest finger
  • When buying shoes, require wide, narrow shoes or half size options.
  • Shoes smaller than normal will squeeze the feet and large ones may cause you to fall.
  • Gradually raise the wearing time so that your newly purchased shoes adapt without harming your feet. After a few days, the shoe will fit your foot better
  • Remember that your foot size increases with age
  • Consider the chance that your foot size might not be the same.
  • Remember that your feet swell towards the conclusion of the afternoon
  • Require wide or narrow shoes and half size options
  • The shoe ought to be wide enough that the fingers can fit comfortably




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